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    if you're into this sort of thing...

Hillhead Bookclub

A venue where left and right handers can exist in harmony without fear of persecution. A licensed land of milk & honey where the ping-pong is plentiful, the computer games are retro, the cocktails arrive in gramophones and the strawberry mojitos cost nought but 3 pounds. Vintage fairs on Sundays' and glasgow's finest disc jockeys spinnin til the wee hours wednesday through tae sunday' plus a host of other relatively interesting tit-bits.

Happy days. If you're into this kind of thing...

eat out to help out

We are pleased to be participating in the Eat Out To Help Out Scheme which has been introduced by the UK Government.

Dine with us every Monday - Wednesday in August and enjoy 50% off your food bill up the to the value of £10!

have you booked your table for eat out to help out yet? You can enjoy 50% off when you dine with us on wednesday's during the month of august! so just what kind of bargains are we talking about here? our famous vegan reuben is just £3, the {hb} burger comes in at just £4.50, and our super fresh avo & watermelon salad is £4.... madness! get booking kids!

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