good honest food at a good honest prices

since launching in the halcyon summer of 2010, bookclub has confirmed its place in the hearts of west-enders as the home of tasty, home cooked and hearty food with the occasional twist… … think Stornoway stuffed chicken with bacon and sage cream or rare beef salad with pumpkin seeds and smoked applewood shavings. plus pies, plenty of pies.

setting out to offer good honest food at good honest prices, served on random crockery collected from various charity shops and our mate Paul at Ruthven Mews, we’re also a pretty passionate bunch when it comes to brunch and veggies.

since day 1 we set out to offer Saturday and Sunday salvation in the form of perfectly poached eggs, fluffy pancakes, french toast and the occasional curveball like poached eggs, lobster tail and crab hollandaise to help cure the pain of the night before.

we fly the flag for quality vegetarian options with a bespoke veggie menu that runs every day and offers real choice and quality, whether you are a committed veggie or just looking to impress a vegetarian boy or girl. Choose from roast pepper and sun dried tomato risotto or spinach and potato saag with homemade nann and rice…

a fiver will cover most at lunch, a tenner does the trick at dinner and if you forget your wallet entirely then there’s always plenty of dishes to clean.

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