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aretha franklin, roxy music, al green and the kinks were heavily involved too. as well as paying homage to the likes of those above, the bookclub seeks out rare beats that commercial success passed by and unheard edits of classic tunes. whenever possible we’ll play vinyl cos we are pretty convinced that it better when the needle hits those little plastic grooves.

music has the rather uncanny knack of making a good time better, a nostalgic haze that wee bit clearer or just sounding really rather good. there are after all only 2 real genres: music worth listening to and music that’s, well, …not. the bookclub has 2 ears pointed firmly in the direction of the former. plus we’re always looking to support our local disc jockeys, so please drop us your mix tapes, email us your tunes or just hand us a white label over the bar. that’s guaranteed to get you a free meal.



wednesday nights play host to a rotation of uncommonly good djs including excursions, ed nygma and frogbeats. usually always in that order and definitely always spot-on. and on a wednesday as well. brilliant



thursday remember when thursday nights use to be good? we do… i hear by declare that from this day forth The Wasp from Dixon Avenue Basement Jams will be providing us with some mighty fine beats every thursday.



friday boasts an exciting new west end residency from Solar Disco’s kev stevens. classic and underground disco, new releases from solar disco recordings, dusted down old soul and shoe shuffling funky stuff to keep the west end moving into the weekend. and beyond. turntables start moving around 9pm. plus hush on the final Friday of the month



saturday’s child can enjoy a collection of fine records and shirts from djs andy taylor & rory grant. funk, soul, some decent hip hip, hop hip and occasionally even some hip-hop are on offer from bookclub’s favourite floral shirted vinylist. Check out andy’s night “Pass the Peas” at Bar Bloc and keep an ear out for any new releases from the man himself.



sunday has a special place in our hearts. good food. good drinks. a bunch of newspapers. a couple of cracking bloody marys. comfy seats. we thought we’d throw in a cool as funk 40s rock’n’roll and rockabilly soul soundtrack.