{almost famous} – open deck

Sunday 9pm until late

glasgow’s open deck night giving finest disc jockeys the platform to spin their favourite tracks until late hours.

music has the rather uncanny knack of making a good time better, a nostalgic haze that wee bit clearer or just sounding really rather good. there are only 2 real genres: music worth listening to and music that’s, well, …not. the bookclub has 2 ears pointed firmly in the direction of the former. so we’re looking to support our local disc jockeys by giving them platform to share their music with other music folks. dig into your family vinyl collection and pick out those favourites, rare tracks that you are proud off.

whenever possible we ask you to play vinyl cos we are pretty convinced that it better when the needle hits those little plastic grooves. we like breaking rules but there is one rule that is not to be broken on the night – no commercial cheese music.